Fully certified SEMS Audits/Reviews/Reports

SEMS Audits as required by BSSE for OCS properties

SEMS Third Party Compliance Audits to include:

  • Audit of SEMS Plan, bridging documents
  • Onsite observations, interviews, inspections, records search
  • Detailed Compliance Report with Plan, Records, Facility Actions Reports
  • Disclosure Meeting of Information and Discussion



Phase I Pre-acquisition Site Audits in accordance with ASTM Practice E 1527-05 -Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments

  • Site assessment and written descriptions of RECs (Recognized Environmental Conditions) and HRECs (Historically Recognized Environmental Conditions)
  • Support for Environmental Impact Statements
  • Development of Compliance Program post-acquisition
  • Executive Summaries of RECs and HRECs and environmental exposure