Oil and Gas Regulatory Reporting & Compliance Specialties


State Inland Waters and Onshore Drilling & Production Reporting

Drilling Permits, Weekly DNR Reports, WH1, Plug and Abandon Paperwork
Commingling Orders, R4 Authority for Movement of Product
CUP/ACOE dredge/propwash permits
OGP/R5D monthly production reports
DT1 / DM1R /inactive semi-annual well reports
Tier twoaAnnual reports
SPCC/Ops Plan/FRP compliance
UIC10 Saltwater Injection Reports

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Property Acquisition Compliance Preparation Work
Permits, Plans and Programs for ongoing compliance with ever-increasing demands on Operations in the OCS.

United States Coast Guard Oil Transfer Facility Planning
Facility Response Plans, overwater oil transfer operations plans, US Coast Guard reporting and recordkeeping

EPA and LDEQ Permits and Reporting
Semi-annual emission inventories, stack testing of engines, air permit modifications, renewals and operator transfers.
quarterly NPDES/LPDES discharge monitoring reports, permit applications, transfers, recordkeeping programs.

Environmental Records Reviews / Pre-Acquisitions
Phase I Reports, records reviews and interviews prior to oil and gas production acquisitions.

Spill Management Team Support and Training
Facilitate emergency response table top exercises and equipment deployments
Work with identified OSRO to develop response programs and drills
Develop written plans to ensure timely and cost-effective response to typical and worst case scenarios

Wetlands Determinations and Mitigation Projects
Wetlands determinations, progress reports, sampling/testing, and permits
Mitigation plans with DNR and ACOE; Implementation of mitigation banking, or projects

Environmental Management Systems
ISO14001 development
Systematic approach to timely compliance of regulatory and governmental requirements
Electronic / hard copy Guidebooks identifying and outlining all requirements – a “how to” program for operating in compliance 100% of the time.

Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) REQUIRED SEMS THIRD PARTY AUDITS
Third party auditing of OCS SEMS plan with onsite platform audits performed by trained third party auditors
Review of all SEMS elements and application to Rules
Documentation reviews, interviews, observations and inspections, sampling
Findings meeting, full report, discussion on and training to BSSE compliance

We specialize in implementing all-inclusive environmental requirements for each entity a client operates.  From Pre-acquisition Phase I reports to acquiring air and water permits and implementing requirements associated with them, to other federal, state, and local regulatory requirements, Environmental Strategies is available to assist you.

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