Field Environmental Work

  • Pre-Acquisition Phase 1 Reports

We will provide a team of experts to evaluate and make recommendations in a limited Phase I site visit and report.

  • SPCC Plan Development/Modifications

We can perform site visits to determine the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan necessary to meet your regulatory obligations. We also include a reporting and recordkeeping guideline for continued compliance.

  • Air Permit Site Visits

Our Environmental Engineers can work with your field staff to gather data to prepare an initial or modified air permit to meet all the new regulatory requirements.

  • Air Permit Stack Testing

We provide personnel to perform required testing of engines and assist you in determining a plan to meet all of your site specific air permit requirements.

  • Coastal Use /Corps of Engineers Permitting/Surveys
  • Water and soil samplingtTesting teams
  • Wetlands, Inland waters, and territorial seas environmental /biological work