Environmental Management Systems

SPECIALIZING IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND REGULATORY SYSTEMS, We will work with your staff to perform a gap analysis and develop a Management System with compliance detailed records and recommendations, a Guidebook for management of change, and a fully operational Compliance Calendar to ensure timely reporting.

We perform records review and files searches at all agencies and can handle almost any request expeditiously – whether large or small.

Regulatory reporting is one of the main concerns and risks of CEOs and with a Compliance Program in place, the assurance that the company is meeting its environmental, regulatory, and safety obligations is the value we bring to your operations.

  • Development of a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) integrated into HS&E program
  • ISO 14001 programs
  • Compliance Calendars and reporting tracking system

Oil and Gas Operator regulatory files/plans/permits coordination
Air Permits

The development of a written plan to meet the permit specific conditions of your air permits will ensure continued compliance and can provide information on upcoming requirements.

Greenhouse Gas  (GHG) Analysis

New Greenhouse Gas regulations are demanding and complicated. With our air permit reviews, all of your air permits are evaluated for meeting new Greenhouse Gas requirements. Included in the review is a site specific maintenance program meeting your GHG obligations. 

Water Discharge Permits & SPCC Plans

The EPA NPDES system requires routine self-reporting of the wastewaters your operations are permitted to discharge. We develop a program and written guidance document site specific to meet the conditions of the permit, as well as meet conditions and requirements of your SPCC plans.

Risk Management and COOP Programs

RMPs are often overlooked by operators because of the limited jurisdiction of these plans.  Most operations are in remote areas, however, when a worst case discharge of oil and gas or chemicals can cause harm to the public, a RMP is necessary to meet your legal obligations for EPA & OSHA’s Community Right to Know Program. If a site is determined to require an RMP, we work together with you to develop a program to ensure the plan is implemented and updated, reports are submitted.